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The Best Garry's Mod Prop Hunt Mod


What Is ObjHunt

ObjHunt is a highly improved version of the game Prophunt. It runs without fretta and is fully customizable! here are some features available in ObjHunt:

How to play

As a Prop

Your objective is to disguise yourself as some inanimate object and try to blend in with the rest of the props on the map, if you can survive until the end of the round without dying then the props win the round!

As a Hunter

Your objective is to look around the map to find these disguised props and kill them! Be careful if you shoot the real props you will lose health, and doing so too many times in one round will kill you. If all props are found before the time is up the hunters win the round!


F1 opens the Help page

F2 opens the Team Selection menu

F3 plays a random taunt at a random pitch

Q opens the Taunt menu (spawn menu bind)

C opens the Control Panel (context menu bind)

E select prop (+use bind)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disguise as a prop

Look at a prop, if it has a green outline press "E" on it, if there is no outline then you cannot select this prop. If the outline is red then you do not have enough room to select the prop you're looking at, try to move around until it's green

What games do I need to play ObjHunt?

You only need Garry's Mod. Most servers use maps which contain many props from CounterStrike:Source and Half-Life 2 so it is highly recommended to have these mounted

How do I start a game?

For a round to start there must be at least one player on each team.

Why can't I become this prop?

If a prop has a red outline, either you do not have enough room to become that prop ( sometimes you need to jump! ), or you need to wait for the cooldown timer to expire. If there is no outline then that prop is not allowed to be chosen either due to impropor mapping or a restriction imposed by the server admin, ask the server admin what the issue is if you are concerned.

I want to run a server how do I do it?

I highly recommend running a dedicated server, there are plenty of guides on how to start one :)

How do I change _____________?

Please view the file shared/sh_config.lua, it contains all the configurable options. If you do not find the option you are looking for feel free to email me, add me on steam, or comment on the workshop to discuss

How do I enable/disable players from picking up props?

First off either enable or disable this server variable: "sv_playerpickupallowed 1" then view the file shared/sh_config.lua for OBJHUNT_TEAM_HUNTER_CAN_MOVE_PROPS and OBJHUNT_TEAM_PROP_CAN_MOVE_PROPS for hunters and props respectively

How come I see little grey statues as the props?

The tiny grey statues are the default prop model in Objhunt, if you do not like it feel free to change it in the sh_config.lua options

How come I can't walk up the stairs?

In an effort to make props more likely to chose large props the step heights of each prop depends on how tall the prop is. If you are a very small prop you can only walk up very small stairs, and as a very large prop you can walk up very large stairs


ObjHunt is a free and open source game that I created from scratch on my spare time, if you enjoyed it and would like to see it developed further please consider donating.